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7149 - Steering Mode Selector

The 7149 steering mode selector allows for isolation of the steering components in case of failure, maintaining items that are still functional. The 7149 consists of 2 manual levers in either an ON or OFF position, where ON provides hydraulic pressure to the output port and OFF stops the flow to lines and cylinders.

The 7149 can handle 26 gallons (118L) of fluid per minute with 2 small solenoids, but can be configured for up to 40 gallons (182L) per minute. The 7149 can manage either 2 or 4 cylinders, and can be configured for balanced and unbalanced scenarios. The 7149 is constructed of bronze and stainless steel, and has a maximum operating pressure of 2,000 PSI (138 BAR). 


Part Numbers In This Series:

#   7149-DC12

Common Features & Options

  Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction
   Water Tight

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