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7201 - Auto Pilot Pump Relay

The 7201 autopilot pump relay is used on manual steering systems where a source of pressure is required to operate a cylinder in conjunction with an autopilot. The 7201 is typically used where low pressure and a small source of hydraulic pressure is required. 

The 7201 comes with adjustable safety valves for both port and starboard, and flow control screws provide adjustment for variable delivery from 40 to 250 cu. in. per minute. The 7201 comes in multiple configurations for voltage and settings. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   7201, 7201-1011-12, 7201-1011-24, 7201-DC12, 7201-DC24, 7201-LVC, 7201-PR12, 7201-PR24, 7201-RL12, 7201-RL12H, 7201-RL24

Common Features & Options

  Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction
   Water Tight
   Multiple Voltages Available

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