Below you will find a list of the primary products and components that can be incorporated into a complete Keypower stabilzer or get-home drive system. Click on any item to expand the information available and to download a specification sheet on that product, if available.  

Boat Stabilizer Fins

Kobelt's line of Keypower digital roll fin stabilizers provide near natural buoyancy with a rugged, low maintenance design. 

Keypower has been designing and manufacturing rugged, dependable marine systems for almost 40 years and Keypower’s line of digital roll fin stabilizers for boats and ships are no exception. Designed for continuous use in harsh environments, Keypower boat stabilizers provide more strength and value compared to other marine stabilizer solutions.

Keypower Boat Stabilizer Features

Available in dual or quad configurations, Keypower boat stabilizer fins have an innovative fin design built from polyurethane material formed around a rigid stainless steel frame, providing near neutral buoyancy in water.

Keypower marine stabilizers are impact resistant, and able to take much more punishment than any fiberglass or composite material fin of similar size and structure. The keyless shaft design also protects the actuator from extensive damage if the fin is ever subjected to an unexpected impact, thereby reducing ongoing lifecycle costs.

The actuator is further protected by a unique multi-redundant seal design that significantly reduces ongoing maintenance to ensure years of trouble free operation. 
  • Innovative polyurethane fin design 
  • Impact resistant 
  • Unique mounting collar for ease of installation & maintenance 
  • Simple and compact design

Marine Stabilizer Systems

The Keypower stabilizer system is controlled by a microprocessor that utilizes a gyro roll control. The system can easily be integrated with a vessel’s GPS system for automatic adjustments when underway. The controls are pre-configured for ease of installation and, to maximize performance, can be easily fine-tuned through a user-friendly touch screen display. For operational efficiency, the display also provides a near real time visual indicator of the precise fin orientation. 

  • System Components
  • Polyurethane fins 
  • Mounting collars 
  • Actuator 
  • Digital control box


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