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2003 Single Handle Heavy Duty Mechanical Control Head

The 2003 is a solid bronze and stainless steel control head that can be used for either single or twin engine configurations. The 2003 has a single handle to perform a single function.

The 2009 has 3" (76mm) of stroke, can be used for one or two stations, and requires a cable connection kit that typically uses 30 Series or 40 Series cables.

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   2003-HKN, 2003-HLP, 2003-KN, 2003-KNN, 2003-KNNV, 2003-KNU, 2003-KO, 2003-KOU, 2003-KOU-SPEC, 2003-KOV, 2003-KP, 2003-KPP, 2003-KPPH, 2003-KPU, 2003-KR, 2003-KR-HL, 2003-KRU, 2003-LN, 2003-LO, 2003-LP, 2003-LPP, 2003-LR, 2003-MNNV, 2003-MNU, 2003-MO, 2003-MOV, 2003-MP, 2003-MPPU, 2003-MPPV, 2003-MPU

Common Features & Options

  Multiple Handle Types
   Available in Variable Detent & Friction Settings

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