Propulsion Brake Systems 
Kobelt Manufacturing is able to supply complete braking systems for vessels of all sizes; both single and twin screw.

When selecting brakes for a twin propeller vessel, size the brake system to produce 75% of the vessel's maximum shaft torque.  Reference the datasheets under the product pages below to select an appropriate brake model that will stop the rotating propeller when reversing from full ahead.  The selected brake system must have enough pad area to limit the power to 5 hp per square inch of brake pad.


Generally, a basic system consists of a pair of air applied disc brakes, a ventilated disc and an air control panel.  The brakes are best controlled by the neutral safety contact from the Kobelt propulsion controls.

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Propulsion Brake Systems


Kobelt manufactures lasting brake systems for a variety of sectors around the world, with sizes ranging from small to very large. Kobelt understands the challenging conditions that exist in the markets we serve. As a result, we emphasize reliability and durability in our design philosophy. Contact us to for a quote.