Our goal of designing and manufacturing systems that provide our customers with the safest, most trusted solutions to guiding and controlling movement is applicable over a broad range of industries. Furthermore, the value we place on long term relationships and the priority we put on global customer service and providing durable, dependable products resonates with clients in all sectors. 

Most of the customers we serve demand 24/7 reliability and are operating in extremely harsh and often remote environments. Our sales and engineering teams works closely with our clients to ensure we understand the operational requirements and can deliver simple, safe and reliable products that thrive in such environments. Equally important, our vertically integrated manufacturing facility allow us to deliver product in a timely manner and minimize any downtime caused by unforeseen circumstances.


Kobelt manufactures propulsion controls and steering systems for marine vessels of all sizes.


Kobelt manufactures a range of brake models for a broad variety of applications.

Bronze Die-Casting

Inquire about our ability to produce custom bronze die-cast parts for outside customers.