Commercial and Industrial


Kobelt manufactures control systems and industrial disc brakes for the oil & gas, mining, forestry and offshore industries.



Oil and Gas

Kobelt supplies a complete range of rugged brake systems for added control on offshore platform-based draw-works, hoists and cranes.

Service Rigs

Kobelt's rugged & durable disc braking systems are commonly used for emergency slowing, stopping or holding as well as tensioning on draw-works.

Cranes & Hoists

The reliability of Kobelt brake systems make them a perfect fit for a variety of cranes, winches and hoists of all sizes in a number of industries.


The rigorous demands on material handling equipment in the mining industry make it a perfect fit for Kobelt controls and brake systems.

Power Generation

Kobelt brake systems help control and stabilize rotation speed, increasing safety and longevity on water, wind & wave turbine technologies. 


For years, Kobelt pneumatic controls and brake systems have added control & safety to forestry processing equipment of all sizes & functions.

Materials Handling

The reliability and service friendly features on Kobelt's 5300 Series brakes make them an ideal choice for enhanced control on overland conveying applications

Steel Processing

Kobelt's range of brake designs are used in applications ranging from failsafe brakes for steel ladle cranes to tensioning brakes on sheet uncloilers

Heavy Equipment

Whether Brakes, Steering, Cylinders or Controls, Kobelt products are widely used in a range of equipment spanning various industries