Bow Thrusters & Stern Thrusters

Keypower Marine Thrusters

Keypower, now part of Kobelt, has been building durable high quality thrusters, stabilizers and get-home drives for decades. Download the brochures or review the products below for more information about Keypower marine parts.

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Electric and Hydraulic Thrusters for Boats

Keypower Bow and Marine Stern Thrusters

Keypower thrusters have been trusted by vessel operators who face the harshest marine environments on a daily basis. As a result of Keypower's underlying drive to meet the heavy demands of commercial use, their bow and stern thrusters have quickly become the trusted solution in a variety of marine markets that include military applications as well as the pleasure and yacht markets where owners have grown to appreciate reliable products that withstand the test of time.

Both electric thruster and hydraulic thruster models are available, ranging from 5hp (8” / 20.3cm) to 400hp (40” / 101.6cm). Based on hydrodynamic fundamentals, the streamlined shape of the housing coupled with the auger style propeller provides maximum thrust per horsepower while maintaining equal thrust in both directions. Integrated hydraulic packages are available in proportional control or On/Off.

Keypower thrusters use duplex stainless steel for the main shaft due to its unique combination of properties: high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and superior resistance to galling and seizing. The gear housing contains a matched set of spiral bevel gears that are custom designed to ensure reliability and silent operation. A large, replaceable, sacrificial zinc is used to protect the thrusters from electrolysis. High quality materials, robust engineering and a commitment to customer service make Keypower bow and stern thrusters the safe decision for any application.

Keypower Marine Thrusters Key Features

  • Auger-style propeller for equal thrust in both directions
  • Available in bronze, aluminum or steel construction 
  • Hydrodynamic design for greater power and enhanced propeller efficiency
  • Low maintenance adds value over time
  • Robust, reliable and high quality
  • Commercial & Pleasure Craft
  • Electric & Hydraulic versions available