Marine Control Systems

Kobelt marine throttle controls have an enviable reputation for durability and performance. Our success is based on our extensive use of non-corrosive materials throughout our entire line of product. The predominant material used in all our controls is bronze. The absence of materials such as plastic, zinc, aluminum and steel put our boat controls into an exclusive class in terms of materials and workmanship.

Control your ship or boat with a complete Kobelt Marine Control System. To obtain a quote on a boat throttle system, please download the Qualification Form and return to, or learn more about each type of solution below. 



Electronic Controls

Kobelt produces complete electronic systems for engine and propulsion controls, capable of scaling from a single station to 8 stations in total. 


Push Pull Controls

Kobelt has set the standard for push-pull controls that fit almost any cable-based vessel requirements. 


Pneumatic Controls

Whether a retrofit project or new construction, Kobelt offers one of the widest ranges of pneumatic controls for both the marine and industrial sectors.

Boat Throttle Control and Marine Propulsion Manufactured by Kobelt

There are different kinds of boat throttle controls and the optimal one will deliver maximum performance to the engine on your vessel. The propulsion or marine throttle control you choose should be the one that best fits the engine on your boat or ship. For over 60 years, Kobelt has been committed to manufacturing the finest marine engine controls in the world; including mechanical push pull controls, pneumatic controls and electronic controls.

Push-Pull Controls

The mechanical push-pull control system is a very simple and easily installed system for smaller boats. The equipment controlled by a system of this type must be relatively easy to operate. Kobelt provides a variety of hydraulic-actuated power assist units for use on clutch and throttle applications requiring additional mechanical force (Part No. 4602, 4605). We generally do not recommend the installation of more than two stations with push-pull cables. If the cable runs are relatively short and straight, it is possible to make a three-station system work. For a multi-station, single lever control system, a combination of wire-over-pulley and push-pull with our model 2051 master control works extremely well (for up to four stations).

The Kobelt single lever control heads 2042, 2043, 2044, 2046, 2047, 2048, 2050 and 2054 are designed to work as a one-station control only. The 2080 series and the 2090 series are designed for 2 stations. These controls provide single lever control for clutch and throttle from two stations and are available in single and twin engine configurations. This push-pull system (Patent No. CDN. 1206642, 1158136; US 4512451, 4280371, Further Patent Pending) has proven to be a tremendous success due to its exceptional performance and durability.
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Pneumatic Controls

Kobelt pneumatic controls have been around for years and remain one of the most reliable means of control for marine propulsion packages and deck machinery. Our engineering department has done an excellent job in simplifying various designs by eliminating the part count while retaining all the essential safeguards for propulsion package timing. The simplicity in design, in conjunction with our selection of materials, makes Kobelt the number one choice for Pneumatic Marine Controls. Pneumatic Marine Controls lend themselves extremely well for multi-station remote control, interlocks and time delays, automatic load share and automatic load control. Kobelt can also provide all necessary alarms, control-consoles and console-tops for your complete turn-key package.
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Electronic Controls

We offer 3 major boat control systems to meet your needs. The simplest (best buy) is the Mighty Mariner. If it meets your current and future needs, we recommend using that. If you have a complex system, then we offer the 6525 system. If you have a 360° system (right-angle drive or Z-drive), contact us for details about the 6535 system.
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Marine Industries We Serve

Kobelt designs & manufactures marine throttle or propulsion control systems that provide the safest, most trusted solutions for guiding & controlling your vessel's movement. Our propulsion or boat throttle controls can serve a complete range of ships and boats, including: 

Offshore Supply Boats

The need for control around offshore rigs is critical for supply vessels, where Kobelt provides control systems that perform. 

Commercial Vessels

Commercial vessels require solid, dependable systems that survive tough operating conditions; a perfect fit for Kobelt. 

Passenger Ferries

Kobelt provides the highest level of safety & reliability, ensuring Kobelt systems are trusted by ferry fleets around the globe. 

Pleasure Craft

Kobelt's high quality, trustworthy systems ensure premium performance on yachts & pleasure craft of all sizes. 

Fishing Vessels

Kobelt supplies rugged, durable controls that excel in harsh maritime conditions where Fishing Boats operate. 

Navy & Coast Guard

Certified Kobelt control & steering systems are installed on military & Coast Guard vessels around the world. 

Control Your Ship with Components and Complete Systems & Components

Ship and boat controls are an important piece of your vessel. Your marine controls connect you to the thrust and helps direct the movement of your boat. Your marine controls activate the thrust and control the rudder that guides and controls the movement of your boat. Precise control and reliability are paramount features when selecting the controls for any vessel.

  • Steering components designed for up to 28 ton-meter for hydraulic steering of single and multi rudder vessels.
  • For aft deck control stations: complete control over all propulsion and deck machinery.
  • Hydraulic cylinders and control devices for lowering and raising masts, davits for lifeboats, loading ramps etc.
  • Weatherproof controls for outside stations to control propulsion and deck machinery.
  • Control components for propulsion and deck machinery, plus electronic alarm systems and electronic telegraphs.
  • Control for all deck machinery such as anchor and towing winches.
  • Controls for bow thrusters & stern thrusters.
  • Control components for any propulsion package, fixed pitch CP propellers, load share and load control.
  • Controls for disc brakes on propeller shafts
Our marine products span the oceans of the world to further our reputation as an international leader in maritime technology and engine controls. Control your ship with high quality marine propulsion or throttle controls from Kobelt Manufacturing.

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