Marine Steering Systems

Kobelt supplies complete hydraulic and electronic marine steering systems for vessels of all shapes and sizes, certified by the world's leading classification societies.

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Types of Boat Steering Systems Kobelt Manufactures

Control your vessel with Kobelt's complete boat steering systems which are built to last. Kobelt manufactures different five basic marine steering systems to choose from:

Manual Hydraulic Steering Systems

Kobelt marine hydraulic steering systems work entirely by hand and is solely dependent upon the force/movement of the steering wheel to push the hydraulic oil to the steering cylinder, which then directs the vessel. Benefits of this steering system are (1) produces a smooth & easy method to steer a boat (2) reliablility - providing many years of trouble - free steering control (3) simple, easy & inexpensive to install.

Electric Power Steering System

These boat power steering systems are driven by an electric power pack activated by a jog lever which forces the hydraulic oil to the steering cylinder. Benefits include (1) easily integrated into other steering configurations, (2) finger-tip control with minimum effort, (3) can be a back-up system or a main source of steering.

Full Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering

The power assisted fully hydraulic boat steering system operates with a power assisted cylinder (or servo cylinder). The oil moves through the servo valve, instead of through the entire cylinder requiring less turns of the wheel. Benefits include (1) very compact and easy to install, (2) low maintenance, (3) very few and easy steering wheel turns hard over.

Electronic Steering

Powered completely by an electronic control system, the electronic marine steering is suitable for large vessels with multiple control stations. Benefits include (1) offers unlimited options, (2) very versatile with easy installation, (3) cost efficient to install even the most complex systems.

Electronic Tie Bar / DP Interface

Multi station electronic control system suitable for a Catamaran, small or medium supply vessel or a research vessel, provided with two independent rudders and integrated with a Dynamic Positioning System. Benefits include (1) two independent rudders with electronic tie bar, (2) extremely reliable, providing electronic and hydraulic backup, (3) DP, joystick and autopilot integration.

Kobelt Manufacturing, offers in addition to the steering systems listed above, hybrid or combined marine steering systems are also available. Contact us for a custom boat steering solution that fits your needs.