Bronze Die-Casting 



Custom Bronze Die-Casting Manufacturer 


Kobelt is one of the best bronze manufacturing and die casting companies in Canada. To ensure product durability, Kobelt has employed bronze extensively throughout all parts and components. We can design and produce custom die-cast bronze parts or components for any industry. 


You can find fully integrated factories that can cast parts in an automated foundry, process parts on CNC machines, and assemble complex products and systems of various forms and sizes in Kobelt Manufacturing.



Kobelt operates 20 CNC machines, providing the ability to operate at high production levels to guarantee supply to external 3rd parties. Contact Kobelt to learn more. 


Kobelt has decades of experience in die-making, including 3D-based design and milling of metal dies for die-cast bronze parts for 3rd parties. Contact Kobelt to learn more. 


Kobelt has a manual & automated foundry, ensuring expertise & production capacity for die-casting of bronze parts for external customers. Contact Kobelt to learn more. 

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