Accu-Steer Autopilot Pumps, Steering Manifolds & Hydraulic Power Units

Accu-Steer, now part of Kobelt, produces the industry’s top range of autopilot pump-sets, power assist steering units and hydraulic power units for pleasure boats, commercial fishing vessels and different types of other commercial marine vessels.

Kobelt Accu-Steer product line includes:

Power Assist Steering Units

The Accu-Steer power assist steering system is built to navigate the roughest seas with ease of control. Steering is a critical function on your boat and the Accu-steer steering unit utilizes solid state control, making steering safe, reliable and effortless. It has been designed to seamlessly revert to manual steering in the event of a power failure, ensuring that you always remain safe and have control. It is suitable for either inboard or outboard applications and can accommodate multiple input devices.

Hydraulic Reversing Pump Sets

Accu-Steer hydraulic reversing pump units are designed to interface hydraulic steering systems with an autopilot. The output flow from the pump set determines the speed of the rudder. In order to accommodate a wide range in output flow, there are four different models available: the HRP05, HRP11, HRP17 and the HRP35.

Hydraulic Steering Manifolds

Accu-Steer steering manifolds are designed to interface hydraulic steering systems with autopilot and electronic control systems.


The Accu-Steer line of hydraulic power units are proven designs that are suitable for a variety of applications. The family of models are available in different voltages and a range of flow rates starting with the HPU100 through to the HPU400. Larger HPU’s are also available under the Kobelt brand but are custom designed for each specific application.

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