Installation Manuals 

This section contains Installation Manuals and Instruction Guides on various Kobelt products and systems. These manuals, as well as CAD drawings and spec sheets can also be found in the Products section attached for download on each product page. 

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
6505 manualPDF1.19 MB02 Feb, 2021 Download
5019-A manualPDF2.14 MB15 Jan, 2021 Download
7174 manualPDF910.62 KB11 Jan, 2021 Download
2009 manualPDF1.23 MB09 Dec, 2020 Download
5027-A manualPDF2.26 MB01 Dec, 2020 Download
5412-A manualPDF2.30 MB17 Nov, 2020 Download
KP08X-H-TH manualPDF2.17 MB21 Oct, 2020 Download
5023-SA manualPDF2.42 MB20 Sep, 2020 Download
7166 manualPDF805.92 KB12 Sep, 2020 Download
7005 manualPDF1.59 MB12 Sep, 2020 Download
5027-SA manualPDF2.56 MB17 Jul, 2020 Download
7012 manualPDF1.51 MB15 Jun, 2020 Download
5026-SH manualPDF2.22 MB06 Jun, 2020 Download
5026-A manualPDF2.21 MB14 May, 2020 Download
2588 manualPDF1.99 MB08 May, 2020 Download
5028-A manualPDF2.21 MB01 May, 2020 Download
2544 manualPDF2.47 MB29 Apr, 2020 Download
5021-A manualPDF2.01 MB14 Apr, 2020 Download
5022-A manualPDF2.03 MB09 Apr, 2020 Download
7040/7050 manualPDF972.04 KB12 Mar, 2020 Download
7040/7050 manualPDF972.04 KB12 Mar, 2020 Download
2048 manualPDF2.05 MB03 Mar, 2020 Download
5305-SH manualPDF1.80 MB19 Nov, 2019 Download
5020-M manualPDF1.17 MB15 Jun, 2019 Download
6525 System Software Technical Guide (2011)PDF48.95 KB21 May, 2019 Download
5000-H manualPDF1.08 MB14 May, 2019 Download
5300-SH manualPDF1.95 MB09 May, 2019 Download
HM450 ManualPDF1.11 MB24 Apr, 2019 Download
7171 ManualPDF525.33 KB27 Mar, 2019 Download
5000-CM manualPDF1.40 MB25 Mar, 2019 Download
7180 ManualPDF828.33 KB16 Mar, 2019 Download
7170 ManualPDF949.92 KB10 Nov, 2018 Download
PA35 ManualPDF1.78 MB10 Nov, 2018 Download
HRP35 manualPDF1.03 MB27 Sep, 2018 Download
mnl5000-H_manual(revA)PDF1.08 MB26 Sep, 2018 Download
5000-SA manualPDF1.08 MB18 Sep, 2018 Download
5000-A manualPDF1.15 MB13 Sep, 2018 Download
HRP05/11/17 manualPDF1.01 MB30 Aug, 2018 Download
Installation Instruction 2031-42-43-44PDF34.04 KB03 Dec, 2013 Download
5000-H_InstallationGuide_RevAPDF1.07 MB26 Oct, 2017 Download
KBTechNote-1000-RS232 Interface GuidePDF695.11 KB11 Aug, 2016 Download
Installation Guides - 7163-7168-7174 (2014)ZIP172.14 KB26 Mar, 2014 Download
7173-KAS Installation Guide (2012)PDF630.47 KB16 Jan, 2014 Download
7173-K Installation Guide (2012)PDF758.48 KB16 Jan, 2014 Download
Steering Systems - Product Selection & Installation Guide (2012)PDF585.46 KB08 Jan, 2014 Download
6525 System Installation Guide (2013)PDF158.49 KB08 Jan, 2014 Download
Mighty Mariner Installation Guide (2013)PDF1.22 MB08 Jan, 2014 Download
Mighty Mariner Installation Guide, Rev. 2 (2012)PDF1.44 MB06 Jan, 2014 Download
Installation Guide - 2016 Series Cable ConnectionPDF38.42 KB06 Jan, 2014 Download
Repair Kit Manual 2011 steeringPDF64.56 KB03 Dec, 2013 Download