Auxiliary Get-Home Drives 



Auxiliary Get-Home Drives

Keypower Get-Home Drives

Keypower has been designing and manufacturing rugged, dependable marine systems for over 40 years and Keypower’s Get-Home Drives continue this trend. There is nothing more harrowing then being at sea in a single engine boat and losing your primary propulsion. In the interest of safety, ensure you have a secondary propulsion source to enable your return to port. Installing a Get-Home Drive is a small price to pay for the added security for your boat and all those onboard.

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The Keypower Get-Home Drive, also known as an Auxiliary Prop Drive, is a hydraulically-driven, clutched gear box that is mounted in a vessel's main drive line and provides power to turn the vessel's propeller by means of auxiliary engine horsepower when the main propulsion system is shut down or disabled.


The Get-Home Drive also allows for driving the vessel at low speeds, where it is undesirable to operate a large main engine at or near idle speed for extended periods of time. Keypower Get-Home Drives come in two sizes; the KP4500 and KP6000. Both come equipped with high quality AGMA 8 gear sets. The drives run off the auxiliary engine so that the vessel burns less fuel, while providing propulsion in the event of a main drive line failure.


Key Features & Benefits

• Emergency propeller drive if main propulsion fails

• Easy to install

• Cost effective solution for peace of mind at sea

• Also effective for cruising at low speeds (avoids larger engines having to operate at near idle speed)

• Compact design (where space is at a premium)