Brake Systems 

We are manufacturers of durable and rugged brake systems that are used in a number of industries around the world, capable of small to very large sizes. To determine which brake system and package is most applicable, please download the Qualification Form, complete and submit to Kobelt for a quote.  

SPM Brakes

Kobelt has developed brakes for Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems commonly used for FPSO and FLNG installations.

Propulsion Brakes

Kobelt Manufacturing is able to supply complete braking systems for vessels of all sizes; both single and twin screw.

Fan & Chipper Brakes

Kobelt designs & manufactures complete brake systems for stopping large industrial fans and chippers.

Service Rigs

Kobelt's rugged & durable disc braking systems are commonly used for emergency slowing, stopping or holding as well as tensioning on draw-works.

Brake Systems at Kobelt Manufacturing


Kobelt has been manufacturing rugged, and long-lasting disc brakes for over three decades. Oil and gas draw works, marine, mining, forestry, materials handling, and offshore mooring winches are just a few of the sectors where our industrial braking systems are used.


Kobelt brakes are highly adapted for usage in severe, corrosive conditions thanks to our in-house bronze die casting. Furthermore, our wide range of sizes and configurations assures that a solution is possible for your particular application.


Please download & send the Qualification Form below to  for a quote.