Marine Electronic Engine Controls

Kobelt has developed two primary marine electronic engine controls: the Mighty Mariner, which accommodates up to 4 stations, and the 6525 Electronic Propulsion Control System, for more complex control layouts, which requires up to 8 stations. Both of these electronic engine systems involve a combination of products, including marine control heads, a microprocessor unit, alarm and telegraph panels, actuators and other electronic components.

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Kobelt Electronic Controls

Kobelt manufactures complete marine electronic systems for engine and propulsion controls, capable of scaling from a single station to 8 stations in total.

To ensure many years of corrosion-free operation, all mechanical components on Kobelt marine electronic controls are made of bronze, stainless steel or aluminum. Look closely and you’ll see we often even use bronze to house such things as microprocessors and PC boards. It may take a little more effort to build, but it assures us that we’re supplying you with nothing but the very best marine controllers.

From the simplest to the most sophisticated electronic control systems, Kobelt can custom manufacture a configuration to meet the exact needs of most  vessel types, including fishing vessels, yachts and pleasure craft, commercial vessels, offshore supply boats, passenger ferries as well as navy & coast guard vessels.

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