Fan Brake Systems 

Fan Brake Systems

When selecting brakes for a fan or chipper application the Engineer must strike a balance between the desired stopping time and managing the thermal energy produced by the brake.  Generally, a basic system consists of a pair of air applied disc brakes, a hub mounted ventilated disc and an air control panel.

Reference the brake data sheets to select the appropriate model that will stop the rotating inertia of the fan in the desired time (apply a 125% service factor to your selection).

Kobelt builds durable and rugged brake systems that are used in a number of industries around the world, capable of small to very large sizes. To determine which brake package is most applicable, please download the Qualification Form, complete and submit to Kobelt for a quote, or check out Kobelt's brake products below. 

Brake Discs

Manual Applied Brakes

Air Applied Brakes