Propulsion Control - Small Vessels 
The image at right depicts the method for implementing single engine - two station propulsion control for small vessels under 10 meters [33 ft] using Kobelt push-pull control heads.  The heavier 43 series cable is shown in the image but the lighter 33 series may also be used.  In these instances, the 2046-0901 connection kit must be used instead.
For twin engine - two station propulsion control implement a similar scheme using the Kobelt 2092 & 2094 control heads.

Propulsion Control Systems

Kobelt builds durable and rugged control heads that are used in a number of industries around the world. To determine which push-pull control head package is most applicable, please download the Qualification Form, complete and submit to Kobelt for a quote, or check out Kobelt's control head products below. 

Push/Pull Control System Accessories

Push/Pull Control Heads - 2092/2094

Push/Pull Control Head - 2091/2093