Push Pull 



Push-Pull Propulsion Controls for Boats
& Marine Vessels

Kobelt is a global leader in durable, high quality push-pull engine controls systems for boats and marine vessels. Push-Pull is a mechanically connected system that uses cables to connect the  control head to the clutch and throttle.

Push-pull controls are an ideal solution for boats with one or two control stations and a total cable length of less that 50 feet (15 meters).  For installations where the cable run is over 50 feet, it is important to note the number of bends in the cable run and it may best to opt for our electronic controls as an alternative though this depends on how easy it is to operate the clutch and engine interfaces. There are vessels with as much as 80 feet (24 meters) of push-pull cable that work well. If you need more than 50 feet for your push-pull application, please contact us as we would be happy to evaluate your requirements.


Kobelt Controls

Push Pull Models 

Kobelt push pull controls come in a wide variety of models to choose from. While many operators prefer separate handles for clutch and boat throttle control, some prefer combining the clutch and throttle in one handle. On a “single lever” control, the lever is pushed forward from the neutral position to first engage the clutch and then the lever is pushed further forward to increase speed. Reverse is achieved by pulling back to engage the clutch and further back to increase reverse speed.

Our Kobelt marine throttle controls include control headspush pull cables and a variety of other parts and accessories. Our in-house bronze die casting and precision machining make our systems long lasting and dependable in the harshest of environments.

Push-Pull Cable Kits & Accessories

Kobelt provides a wide variety of accessories including push pull cables and cable connection kits for  all our push-pull control heads. While our cable connection kits are used to attached our 33 series or 43 series connection kits to our control heads, we also supply rod ball ends for connecting the cables to the engine and clutch allowing for ease of connectivity when configuring push-pull control systems. 

We also offer other accessories such as an electronic clutch control adaptor which can be connected to our push-pull controls to control electrically actuated clutches. In addition, we offer a neutral safety switch kit which is a small component that can be added to a push pull control head to ensure the engine does not start while the control is in gear.

Push-Pull Control Heads

Our push-pull control heads are available in a polished brass finish, polished chrome or black epoxy. The controls are equipped with adjustable friction or detent. A choice of various handle lengths is available. Neutral safety switches are available for all models. Stroke limitation screws are also provided on one and two handle control heads. All domes are removable for easy installation and adjustment.

To best serve our customers, Kobelt Manufacturing produces a vast number of different marine control systems and components which allows us to produce custom configurations of our push-pull control heads to meet a wide variety of applications,

Download our Push Pull Steering Controls brochure for more information or contact us today.