Kobelt Marine Controls & Industrial Products 

At Kobelt Manufacturing you can find rugged, robust control, steering and braking systems for managing and guiding movement on vessels, rigs, equipment and other machinery.

Whether you are looking for stabilizers, thrusters, caliper brakes, or hydraulic steering, our goal is to design systems and products to provide our customers with the best and safest solutions to their marine and industrial needs. We are able to deliver customized, precise and durable products for different systems and applications. 

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Marine Controls

The industry's widest range of electronic, push-pull & pneumatic vessel controls. 

Steering Components

Complete steering systems & components for vessels of all makes & sizes. 

Disc Brakes

Powerful disc brakes that slow, stop or control movement on equipment or vessels. 

Accu-Steer Pumps

Accu-Steer autopilot pumps, steering manifolds & hydraulic power units.

Bow & Stern Thrusters

Rugged, easy to maintain hydraulic & electric bow & stern thrusters. 

Digital Fin Stabilizers

Rugged and durable digital foil fin stabilizers that provide near natural buoyancy. 

Get-Home Drives

Hydraulic auxiliary prop drive mounted in a vessels main drive line to turn a vessel's propeller. 

Monitoring & Alarms

Vitals provides a complete vessel monitoring & alarm system to provide early warning of issues. 

Hydraulic Solutions

Custom HPUs & other hydraulic solutions that complement Kobelt products & systems.

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Kobelt is a Canadian manufacturer with more than 50 years of expertise designing and manufacturing high-quality products for the maritime and industrial markets. Kobelt has a long history of product development and invention, and it works with a wide range of regulatory and classification criteria for system certifications and approvals all around the world.


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