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2044 - Side Mount Heavy Duty Single Lever Mechanical Control Head

The 2044 is a robust side-mount control, constructed of bronze and stainless steel to provide durability in harsh marine environments. The 2044 handle can be pulled out for overriding a throttle. 

The 2044 clutch travel is a maximum of 3" (76mm), with the throttle travel a maximum of 1-3/4" (44mm), and the cable attaching bracket can be rotated at 90 degree increments. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   2044-91K1, 2044-91K2, 2044-91KW1, 2044-91KW2, 2044-91KW3, 2044-91KW4, 2044-91LW1, 2044-91LW2, 2044-91LW3, 2044-91LW4, 2044-91MW1, 2044-91MW2, 2044-91MW3, 2044-91MW4, 2044-HKW1, 2044-HKW2, 2044-HKW3, 2044-HKW4, 2044-HKX1, 2044-HKX2, 2044-HKX3, 2044-HKX4, 2044-HLW1, 2044-HLW2, 2044-HLW3, 2044-HLW4, 2044-HLX1, 2044-HLX2, 2044-HLX3, 2044-HLX4, 2044-HMW1, 2044-HMW2, 2044-HMW3, 2044-HMW4, 2044-HMX1, 2044-HMX2, 2044-HMX3, 2044-HMX4, 2044-KW1, 2044-KW2, 2044-KW3, 2044-KW4, 2044-KX1, 2044-KX2, 2044-KX3, 2044-KX4, 2044-LW1, 2044-LW2, 2044-LW3, 2044-LW4, 2044-LX1, 2044-LX2, 2044-LX3, 2044-LX4, 2044-MW1, 2044-MW2, 2044-MW3, 2044-MW4, 2044-MX1, 2044-MX2, 2044-MX3, 2044-MX4

Common Features & Options

  Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction

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