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Kobelt COVID-19 Update to Customers & Partners

Mar 17, 2020
Kobelt COVID-19 Update for Partner & Customers

To All Kobelt Partners & Customers,

These are unsettling times indeed and we sincerely hope that you, your families and those in your life are all safe and healthy. Collectively, the health and safety of everyone, all over the world, is our top priority.  We need to work together to protect each other and minimize the disruption on our businesses by following the advice of our health experts.

In such unprecedented times, we feel that it is critically important to keep our Partners & Customers as up to date as we can on the COVID-19 situation as it pertains to our business here at Kobelt Manufacturing. Information and developments surrounding the spread and international fight against COVID-19 are changing at an unprecedented pace.  We want to reassure everyone that we are trying our best to monitor and navigate all the events, news and facts as they unfold with respect to their ongoing impact in the days and weeks ahead.

At the current time, Canadian borders remain open for commercial shipments. This means that all commercial goods including Kobelt raw materials are allowed into Canada.  As of today, there are no restrictions placed on Canadian exports into any part of the world, including the US.  That means Kobelt is carrying on with production and shipments.  It’s not exactly business as usual but awfully close.    

There is no region of the world that is not impacted by this virus, so we truly are all in this together.   We need to keep the economic gears of the world turning and we continue to be upbeat and confident that we will all get through this situation with a bearable impact on our businesses and on our lives in general.


Dave Bockhold
Kobelt Manufacturing Co. Ltd.