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Boat Monitoring and Alarm Systems

Kobelt is a leading manufacturer of boat monitoring and alarm systems. We offer reliable and durable marine solutions for every type of boat including pleasure craft, fishing vessels, passenger ferries, commercial vessels, navy and coast guard vessels and offshore supply boats.

Marine Monitoring and Alarm Systems reduce the risk of sudden machinery failure, prevent unplanned and costly downtime, and increase the safety and reliability of your vessel.

Our most recent product launch in this category (Vitals) provides a user friendly and highly configurable system that greatly enhances the safe operation of any boat.

Boat Alarm System & Smart Alarm Device

6700 Vitals

As part of Kobelt’s range of boat alarm systems, Vitals provides advanced warning of potential equipment failures with an array of smart alarms that alert you to potential problems before they become catastrophic.

Boat Monitoring & Alarm Systems

The specific benefit of this centralized boat monitoring and alarm system is that it can be easily configured to suit your specific vessel. Be it the temperature of a bearing or the cycle times of your bilge pumps, Vitals will monitor your vessel's systems and alert you when any piece of monitored equipment is outside of its defined running parameters.

With Vitals, you can set early warning signals at thresholds relevant to the specific equipment that needs monitoring. This improves the accuracy of alarms and avoids nuisance notifications. When an alarm is activated, the Vitals menu will accurately pinpoint exactly what the alarm pertains to, and corrective action can be taken immediately, with no wasted downtime trying to identify the problem.

Vitals is designed to suit a vessel of any size, and it is easy and intuitive to set up and configure. Most importantly, Vitals offers an early boat warning system that can prevent an otherwise simple problem from resulting in an expensive repair, downtime, and the lost enjoyment of your vessel.

Enjoy your voyage knowing that you are protecting your investment and protecting the safety of those on board with Vitals.

Learn more about Kobelt 6700 Vitals or contact us with any questions about boat monitoring systems.

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