5400 Series Face-Mounted Tension Brakes

The 5400 Face-Mounted Tension Brake Series is Kobelt's newest addition to its industrial brake line.

The 5400 series brake is Kobelt's newest addition to its industrial brake line.  This brake permits superior web tension control owing top its innovative multi-piston design.  Whereas other tension brakes require external valving to shut off unneeded pistons at low tension, the 5400 brake does it automatically - without external intervention.  Together with the diaphragm actuators, the end user can have a brake that triples low end torque sensitivity.

Another key feature of the 5400 tension brakes, is the maximized pad area.   The synergy of the large pad area acting on a high cooling capacity, ventilated disc provides a pad life measured in multiples greater than the competition. 

The 5400 series of tension brakes is available with various friction grades, and fan cooling. 

For more information, check out the Tension Brakes product page.
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