Below you will find a list of the primary products and components that can be incorporated into a complete Accu-Steer hydraulic pump system. Click on any item to expand the information available and to download a specification sheet on that product, if available.  

Hydraulic Reversing Pumps -  Autopilot Pumps

Accu-Steer hydraulic reversing pump units are designed to interface hydraulic steering systems with autopilot or electric steering control systems. Please click on the images below for details about our various models of Hydraulic Reversing Pump-Sets for Autopilots.

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HRP05 / 11 / 17 Accu-Steer Hydraulic Reversing Pump-Set

The Accu-Steer HRP series of hydraulic reversing pump units...

HRP35 Accu-Steer Hydraulic Reversing Pump-Set

The Accu-Steer HRP35 Series of hydraulic reversing pump set...