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7085-S Power Assist Steering Cylinder

The 7085-S power-assisted steering cylinder is equipped with a servo valve to provide full power follow-up functionality to the main steering cylinder. The 7085-S is available in both balanced and unbalanced configurations. 

For balanced, the 7085-S has the following stroke and displacement ranges, assuming a single cylinder at 800 psi [55 bar] at a 35 degree rudder angle / 45 degree rudder angle. 

Stroke: 10" to 20" (254mm to 508mm) / 10" to 20" (254mm to 508mm) 
Torque: 4,580 to 9,200 lbs. ft. (633 to 1,272 kg/m)   3,270 to 6,500 lbs. ft. (452 to 899 kg/m)
Displacement: 78.5 in3 to 157 in(1,286 cm3 to 2,572 cm3)  /  78.5 in3 to 157 in(1,286 cm3 to 2,572 cm3)

For unbalanced configuration data, consult the 7085 cylinder datasheet. 

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Common Features & Options

  Available in both Balanced & Unbalanced Versions
   Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction

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