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Below you will find a list of the primary products and components that can be incorporated into a complete braking system. Kobelt Controls offers professional tension control systems for high quality industrial brake products. To obtain a quote on our industrial braking systems, please contact us at

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Brake Controls & Accessories

In addition to our various brake models and brake discs, Kobelt also manufactures a range of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic controls to suit a variety of applications. In addition to rotary unions, pneumatic control heads and various valves, we also supply a range of both standard and custom designed hydraulic power units. Our goal is to design and deliver a complete braking system to suit a broad variety of custom applications.

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9000 - Rotary Union

The Kobelt 9000 series of two passage rotary unions that are...

Brake Shoes & Linings

Kobelt manufactures bronze and stainless steel brake shoes...

2542 - Pneumatic Pressure Control Head

The 2542 is a solid, bronze and stainless steel pneumatic...

2588 - Driller Valve

The 2588 is a pneumatic control, equipped with a long handle...

3329 Pilot Operated Pressure Compensating Relay Valve

The 3329 relay valve allows for precise control over...

3903 / 3905 Quick Release Valve

The 3903 and 3905 quick release valves allow for fast...