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2015 - Twin Handle Mechanical Control Head

The 2015 twin handle mechanical control head is a smaller medium duty control head compared to the 2011 and 2012, while still offering strength and durability. The 2015 control head has a maximum of 3" (76mm) of cable stroke, and the cable support bracket has been shortened to improve cable attachment access. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   2015-AAK, 2015-AHK, 2015-AJLU, 2015-AK, 2015-AKV, 2015-AL, 2015-ALU, 2015-BJK, 2015-BJKU, 2015-BK, 2015-BKU, 2015-BM, 2015-CHKU, 2015-CK, 2015-CKU, 2015-CKU-SPEC, 2015-CMU, 2015-CMU-RR, 2015-DHK, 2015-DHKU, 2015-DHKV, 2015-DJK, 2015-DJKU, 2015-DK, 2015-DKU, 2015-DKU-SPEC, 2015-DKV, 2015-DLU, 2015-DM, 2015-DMU, 2015-EJK, 2015-EK, 2015-EKU, 2015-FK, 2015-FKU, 2015-FKV, 2015-FLV, 2015-FM, 2015-GK, 2015-GKU, 2015-HLU

Common Features & Options

   Multiple Handle Types
   Available in Variable Detent & Friction Settings

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