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2042 - Side Mount Heavy Duty Single Lever Mechanical Control Head

The 2042 is a more sophisticated side-mount control, but still constructed of bronze and stainless steel to provide durability in harsh marine environments. The 2042 handle allows for a large arc of rotation, providing a solid feel over both clutch and throttle. 

The 2042 has a clutch override button to allow acceleration of the engine without engaging the gear. The 2042 can be ordered with the neutral position of the handle in one of 4 positions. Be sure to indicate which position when ordering. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   2042-91K1, 2042-93K1, 2042-HK1, 2042-HK2, 2042-HK4, 2042-HKW1, 2042-HL1, 2042-HL2, 2042-HLW1, 2042-HLW4, 2042-HM1, 2042-K1, 2042-K2, 2042-K4, 2042-KW1, 2042-L1, 2042-L2, 2042-L4, 2042-LC, 2042-LW1, 2042-LW2, 2042-M, 2042-M2, 2042-MW1

Common Features & Options

  Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction
   Available in Multiple Configurations

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