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5025-SA Spring-Applied Air-Released Caliper Disc Brake

Spring-Applied Air-Released Caliper Disc Brake

The 5025-SA spring-applied air-released caliper disc brakes, built primarily of bronze and stainless steel, provide a solid, long-lasting braking solution for even the harshest, most corrosive conditions. The 5025-SA is well suited for parking or emergency braking duty on draw works, hoists, winches and more, 

The 5025-SA is matched well to Kobelt's 4" (102mm) and 7" (178mm) ventilated discs, with a minimum 25" (635mm) diameter, and a maximum disc diameter of 86" (2.184m).  

All Kobelt brakes feature a shoe design which allows the brake pads to be easily and quickly changed while leaving the caliper in place. 


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