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5305-SH Spring-Applied Hydraulic-Released Caliper Disc Brake

5300 Series Spring-Applied Hydraulic-Released Caliper Disc Brakes

For over three decades, Kobelt has been manufacturing rugged, durable disc brakes for the oil & gas, mining and manufacturing industries. Built to withstand even the harshest environments, the 5300 series brakes are ideal for emergency braking duty on draw-works, hoists and conveyors. 

The 5305-SH provides several key features that provide ease of maintenance, including a modular actuator design that utilizes a separable hollow rod cylinder. The 5305-SH also has a low ‘k’ spring stack with less than 6% torque loss per mm of stroke. 

The 5305-SH has a normal force of 17,030 lbs. (75.7KN) with a minimum disc diameter of 19.69" (500mm), a shoe width of 5.12" (130mm) and a running clearance of .02" to .04" (.5 to 1mm).

The 5300 Series brakes also have optional sintered brake pads available for high energy applications, as well as optional release, wear and temperature sensors for better maintenance predictability. 

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