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6509 - Integrated Electronic Control Head

Durable yet simple electronic control head for any Kobelt propulsion system. 

The 6509 is a popular control, with a solid bronze and stainless steel construction and rugged feel. The 6509 is watertight, and is capable of being used in multiple control head configurations as part of a Mighty Mariner system or a 6525 system. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   6509-SB, 6509-SB5, 6509-SC, 6509-SC5, 6509-SL, 6509-TB, 6509-TB5, 6509-TBV, 6509-TC, 6509-TC-HJ, 6509-TC5, 6509-TL, 6509-TL5, 6509-W, 6509S-SB, 6509S-SC, 6509S-TB, 6509S-TBV, 6509S-TC, 6509S-TL, 6509S-TW

Common Features & Options

  Water Tight
   Available in Multiple Finishes
   Available with Multiple Handles
   Single or Twin Engines

Common Related Products

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