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6511-AP: Alarm Panels

The 6511-AP series of alarm panels are available in several configurations for monitoring of almost all functions. The 6511-AP series also has Starter Panels, capable remote start and stop panels for the wheelhouse or engine control room for single and multiple power packs. 

The 6511-AP panels typically come in two primary configurations, single panel or dual panel, with an underside protected housing depth between 3" and 8" (7.6cm and 20.3cm). Standard features include Sonalert and a dimmer switch. 

The photo shown is of a dual alarm panel configuration, the 6511-APE10. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   6511-4-20, 6511-A16, 6511-A16E, 6511-A16W, 6511-A8, 6511-A8E, 6511-A8W, 6511-AP8-S, 6511-AP8-T, 6511-APE10, 6511-APE10-D, 6511-D, 6511-EP, 6511-ESC, 6511-ESC-v1, 6511-ESC2, 6511-HL, 6511-K16, 6511-KA8, 6511-LP-S, 6511-LP-T

Common Features & Options

  Water Tight
  Bronze Construction
  Multiple Alarm Functions
  Available in Single or Dual Configurations

Common Related Products

6511-SP, 6511-TP