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6512 Control Base

The 6512 control base is a solid, bronze and stainless steel base for mounting control heads onto, allowing for switches, indicator lights or other button-based functionality to be added to a stand-alone control head. The 6512 also has an LED strip that allows for indicators on running position and a 4 line digital readout. The 6512 comes with a dimmer function, and is available with up to 12 switches.  

The 6512 is compatible with the 6515, 6523, 6545 and 6555 control heads. Photo shown is of a 6512 base with a 6555 control head mounted. 

Common Related Products

6507, 6510, 6511

Common Features & Options

   Not Water Tight
    Only Available in Black Finish
  Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction
   Variable Switches Available