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6555 - Illuminated Electronic Control Head

Multi-function illuminated commercial propulsion control head. 

The 6555 is an illuminated control head, constructed from bronze and stainless steel but for interior use only. The 6555 typically comes mounted on a 4 switch base, allowing for similar functionality as the 6508.

The 6510 can be equipped with two potentiometers per handle to act as a fail-safe, typically requires a control base and is not considered water tight. The photo shown is a 6555 installed onto a control base. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   6555-B, 6555-BP, 6555-BPP, 6555-C, 6555-CP, 6555-CPP, 6555-SPER-5

Common Features & Options

   Not Water Tight
   Not Supported by the Mighty Mariner System
  Supported by 6525 System
  Illuminated Control Head
  Available in Black and Chrome Finish

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