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7145 - Dual Solenoid Adapter Base

OBSOLETE - REPLACED BY 600-0013 & 600-0014

The 7145 is an adapter that can be attached to a 3rd party solenoid valve to provide either 2 or 3 speeds for steering gear. the 7145 is used on systems having an autopilot, full power follow-up for both hydraulic and electronic steering systems where it becomes essential to have more than one rudder speed. 

The 7145, with closed centre spools, can provide 2 or 3 speed operations and also an auto-fill line in the header tank. Energise 1 solenoid and set flow control, the rudder can be controlled by full-power follow up operations. Set the flow control of the 2nd solenoid, the rudder can be controlled at a slower speed by an autopilot. With both valves open, a third speed can be obtained for jogging the rudder hardover to hardover. 

The maximum flow capacity with both valves fully open is 12 gallons (54.5L) per minute. Volume compensated pumps are recommended. 

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