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7196 - Two Speed Jog Lever

The Kobelt 7196 Two-Speed Jog Lever is used for input jog control to electronic and power hydraulic steering systems. The operator can maneuver the vessel by simply jogging the lever port or starboard to activate its internal micro switches. The Jog Lever contains two sets of switches to provide both slow and fast control signals, where the rudder will turn slowly at the beginning the more rapidly as the handle is turned further.

The Kobelt 7196 is designed for indoor and outdoor installation with a robust die cast bronze and stainless steel construction to provide a long service life in a harsh marine environment.

The Kobelt 7196 comes in black and polished chrome surface finishes to suit your appearance preference and offers cable configurations either from the top or bottom to accommodate a range of connection types.

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Common Features & Options

   Does Not Provide Full Follow Up
  Water Tight
   Available in Multiple Finishes
   Designed for Durability and Reliability
   Easy to Install and Operate
   Spring Centered Return
   Die Cast Silicon Bronze and Stainless Steel
   Two Sets of Micro Switches