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Below you will find a list of the primary products and components that can be incorporated into a complete braking system. Kobelt Controls offers professional tension control systems for high quality industrial brake products. To obtain a quote on our industrial braking systems, please contact us at

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Tension Brakes

The 5400 series tension brakes are specifically designed for optimal web tension control. Having listened to the frustrations expressed by operations staff at various processing factories, Kobelt designed a new line of face-mounted tension brakes with the single goal of delivering improved brake performance.

Diaphragm actuators provide accurate tension control while our actuator sequence valve effectively triples low end torque sensitivity. In addition, ventilated discs provide enhanced cooling capacity and service intervals are greatly reduced as a result of the large pad area that is incorporated into the design of each model.

Face-Mounted Tension Brakes 

Kobelt is recognized as an industry leader in the tension control brakes industry around the globe. Our 5400 series offer high quality and high-performance tension control brakes, with exceptional torque control and longer pad life.

Having a Kobelt tension brake will not only save you money, but it will also help you increase productivity and maximize your capabilities, with less web failures, longer service intervals and less disc wear.

Kobelt 5400 Series Key Features

  • Large pad area provides long service intervals
  • Diaphragm actuators provide accurate tension control
  • Actuator sequence valve triples low end torque sensitivity
  • Ventilated disc provides high cooling capacity
  • Forced air cooling option available
  • Various friction grades available

Tension Control Brakes by Application

The 5400 series brakes are applicable to any processing lines including steel processing and steel un-coilers, pulp & Paper and Paper converting, packaging lines, corrugating lines, cable reels, metal, coating, laminating, wire and cable or textile.

Check our list of 5400 series tension brakes below. To obtain a quote on a tension brake, please contact us today!


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5412-A Tension Brake

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5418-A Tension Brake

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5430-A Tension Brake

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  • .rolling diaphragm actuators
  • high capacity ventilated disc
  • large pad area
  • optional high volume cooling fan