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Custom Tiller Arm

For larger tiller arms, Kobelt custom designs and builds the tiller arm based on precise specifications and dimensions. These custom tiller arms are available in both single and twin configurations, and for tapered rudder stocks, they are manufactured in one piece, not split as per Kobelt's other twin tiller arms. 

Custom tiller arms can be built for strokes ranging from 10" (254mm) to 30" (762mm), with custom sizing for holes to be bored. Custom tiller arms are typically configured for the 7067, 7087, 7090, 7094, 7096 and 7097 cylinders.  

As with all tiller arms and steering systems, all steering system calculations must be verified by Kobelt or a certified Kobelt partner to ensure correct sizing, product selection and configuration. 

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Common Features & Options

  Cast Steel Structure
   Available in Single or Twin Configurations