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7180: Rudder Angle Indicator

The 7180 Rudder Angle Indicator is a smaller version of the popular Kobelt 7175 Rudder Angle Indicator. The 7180 is available in Master and Slave configurations in both 12VDC and 24VDC offerings. Both the Master and Slave contain a backlight to illuminate the indicator during dark operating hours.

The 7180 Rudder Angle Indicators will provide you with real-time visual display of the position of your rudder while your vessel is underway. Whether you are manoeuvring, or your autopilot is commanding your vessels, an accurate readout of your rudder position will be displayed on this tri-colour two-inch diameter display indicator.

The unit indicates the PORT direction of travel in Red and the STBD direction of travel in Green for easy and quick identification while steering. The system supports one Master Indicator with up to a maximum of 5 Slave Indicators (or “repeater stations”) commanded by a single input signal. The indicators are driven by a position transducer such as the Kobelt 7163, 7168, or 7174 Rudder Feedback Units (RFU).

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  Standard Form Factor
  Designed for Durability and Reliability
  Robust Design and Construction
  Waterproof Face
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