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2014 - Illuminated Twin Handle Mechanical Control Head

The 2014 control head is a stylish but solid mechanical control head with illuminated side scales. The 2014, the twin handle version of the 2008, provides a 4 inch (102mm) cable stroke, and the bronze and stainless steel construction provide durability and long lasting performance. The twin handle version can be used for twin clutches, twin throttle or clutch and throttle applications. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   2014-AAHK, 2014-AAJM, 2014-AAM, 2014-AHK, 2014-AHL, 2014-AHM, 2014-AK, 2014-AL, 2014-AM, 2014-BL, 2014-BM, 2014-CK, 2014-CL, 2014-CM, 2014-DHK, 2014-DL, 2014-DM, 2014-EJM, 2014-EK, 2014-EM, 2014-FK, 2014-FL, 2014-FM, 2014-GK, 2014-GLT, 2014-GM

Common Features & Options

   Multiple Handle Types
   Available in Variable Detent & Friction Settings
   Variable Side Scales Available

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