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2020 - Single Lever Dual Function Multi-Engine Control

The 2020 is a multi-lever control head that offers one of the widest range of functionality for mechanical controls. The 2020 has a low profile dome, and the mechanical output portion is on a swivel base, allowing the cables to be mounted in any of the 3 downward positions. 

The 2020 is constructed in bronze and stainless steel to ensure durability in marine environments and fits most cable sizes. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   2020-K1, 2020-K1T, 2020-K2, 2020-K2T, 2020-K3, 2020-K3HJ, 2020-K4, 2020-K4JJ, 2020-L1, 2020-L2, 2020-L3, 2020-L4, 2020-MM1, 2020-MM2, 2020-MM2T, 2020-MM2J, 2020-MM3, 2020-MM3HJ, 2020-MM4, 2020-WW1, 2020-WW2, 2020-WW3, 2020-WW4, 2020-ZZ1, 2020-ZZ2, 2020-ZZ2J, 2020-ZZ3, 2020-ZZ4

Common Features & Options

  Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction
   Multiple Handles

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