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2047 - Twin Handle Single Function Mechanical Control Head

The 2047 is a medium-duty bronze & stainless steel control head, providing 2 handles to operate 2 functions independently. The dome is slightly smaller than other Kobelt mechanical control heads, allowing for space savings but with a robust control. 

The 2047 allows for up to a maximum throttle travel of 2-3/8" (6cm), and incorporates a roller type detent and independent throttle override. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   2047-JKU, 2047-JKUZ, 2047-JKY, 2047-JKYZ, 2047-JLU, 2047-JLUZ, 2047-JLY, 2047-JMU, 2047-JMUZ, 2047-JMY, 2047-JMYZ, 2047-KU, 2047-KU-DS, 2047-KUZ, 2047-KVZ, 2047-KY, 2047-KYX, 2047-KYZ, 2047-KYZX, 2047-LU, 2047-LVZ, 2047-LY, 2047-LYC, 2047-LYX, 2047-LYZ, 2047-MMU, 2047-MU, 2047-MUZ, 2047-MVZ, 2047-MY, 2047-MYX, 2047-MYZ, 2047E-JKY11, 2047E-JKY20, 2047E-JKY22, 2047E-KY1, 2047E-KY11, 2047E-KY12, 2047E-KY20, 2047E-KY22

Common Features & Options

  Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction

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