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3604 / 3609 - Single Handle Four-Way Directional Pneumatic Control Head

The 3604 and 3609 controls are medium sized mechanical control heads with valves incorporated to allow for station transfer on multi-station pneumatic systems. The 3604 / 3609 has a handle to actuate and switch the flow and transfer control to a different station. 

The 3604 / 3609 valves are constructed entirely of bronze & stainless steel, and are available in 1/8" NPT and a 1/4" NPT respectively. The photo shown is of a 3609. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   3604-ABHL, 3604-AHDS, 3604-AHL, 3604-AHLL, 3604-AHMM, 3604-AJL, 3604-TROL, 3604-XCHL, 3604-YCHL, 3609-ACDHL, 3609-ADHL, 3609-ADHLL, 3609-ADHM, 3609-ADHMM, 3609-ADJL, 3609-ADKL, 3609-AEHL, 3609-AEHLL, 3609-AEHM, 3609-AEHMM, 3609-AEJL, 3609-AEKL, 3609-BCDHL, 3609-BDHL, 3609-BDHLL, 3609-BDHM, 3609-BDHMM, 3609-BDJL, 3609-BEHL, 3609-BEHLL, 3609-BEHM, 3609-BEHMM, 3609-CDHL

Common Features & Options

  Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction
   Multiple Thread Sizes Available

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