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Cable Connection Kit - 60 Series

Kobelt sells cable connection kits for most available mechanical (push-pull) control heads, allowing for ease of connectivity when configuring push-pull systems.  
The 60 Series cables are available for the 2012, 2031, 2032, 2043, 2046 and 2048.

The 60 Series Cable Connection Kits from Kobelt are designated by the part number and "-0912" suffix. Please contact Kobelt or your local Kobelt Partner for more information about cables and parts. The photo shown is of a 30 and 40 Series Kit, very similar to the 60 Series. 


Part Numbers In This Series:

#   20xx-0912

Common Features & Options

   Not Available for All Heads
  Bronze Construction
   Water Tight

Common Related Products

30 Series Cable Connection Kit -0901, 40 Series Cable Connection Kit-0902