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2010 - Twin Handle Mechanical Control Head

The 2010 is a solid bronze and stainless steel control head that can be used for either single or twin engine configurations. The 2010 has separate handles, one for a clutch, and one for a throttle, each controlling a single function. 

The 2010 has 2-3/8" (60mm) of stroke, and as such is only recommend for one station control. The 2010 requires a cable connection kit that typically uses 30 Series or 40 Series cables.

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   2010-AAHK, 2010-AAHL, 2010-AAHM, 2010-AAK, 2010-AAL, 2010-AAM, 2010-AAMV, 2010-AHK, 2010-AHL, 2010-AHM, 2010-AK, 2010-AL, 2010-AM, 2010-BHK, 2010-BHL, 2010-BHM, 2010-BJK, 2010-BJL, 2010-BJM, 2010-BK, 2010-BL, 2010-BM, 2010-CK, 2010-CL, 2010-CM, 2010-CMV, 2010-DHK, 2010-DHL, 2010-DHM, 2010-DK, 2010-DL, 2010-DM, 2010-EHK, 2010-EHL, 2010-EHM, 2010-EJK, 2010-EJL, 2010-EJM, 2010-EK, 2010-EL, 2010-EM, 2010-FK, 2010-FL, 2010-FM, 2010-FMM-SPEC, 2010-FMV, 2010-GHK, 2010-GHL, 2010-GHM, 2010-GK, 2010-GL, 2010-GM

Common Features & Options

   Not Recommended for Two Station Configurations
  Multiple Handle Types
   Available in Variable Detent & Friction Settings

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