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2012 - Twin Handle Heavy Duty Mechanical Control Head

The 2012 mechanical control head was designed for one or two station applications to control heavy movable clutches and throttles that are not of a mechanical nature. The 2012 control head has a maximum of 4" (102mm) of cable stroke, and can handle travel limitation capabilities and has multiple attachment points. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   2012-AAHK, 2012-AAHL, 2012-AAHM, 2012-AAK, 2012-AAK-93, 2012-AAL, 2012-AAM, 2012-AAMY, 2012-AHK. 2012-AHL, 2012-AHM, 2012-AK, 2012-AK-93, 2012-AKZ, 2012-AL, 2012-AM, 2012-BCK, 2012-BCKZ, 2012-BHK, 2012-BHL, 2012-BHM, 2012-BJK, 2012-BJL, 2012-BJM, 2012-BK, 2012-BKZ, 2012-BL, 2012-BM, 2012-CK, 2012-CKZ, 2012-CL, 2012-CM, 2012-DHK, 2012-DHL, 2012-DHM, 2012-DK, 2012-DKS, 2012-DL, 2012-DM, 2012-EHK, 2012-EHL, 2012-EHM, 2012-EJK, 2012-EJL, 2012-EJM, 2012-EK, 2012-EKZ, 2012-EL, 2012-EM, 2012-FK, 2012-FKU, 2012-FKZ, 2012-FL, 2012-FM, 2012-GHK, 2012-GHL, 2012-GHM, 2012-GK, 2012-GKU, 2012-GKZ, 2012-GL, 2012-GM

Common Features & Options

   Multiple Handle Types
   Available in Variable Detent & Friction Settings

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