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6508 - Illuminated Control Head

Illuminated multiple handle control head with base for switches and buttons. 

The 6508 is an illuminated control head, constructed from bronze and stainless steel but for interior use only. The 6508 typically comes mounted on a 4 switch base, allowing for similar functionality as the 6509. The 6508 can be equipped with two potentiometers per handle, allowing the second to be used as a spare or backup. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   6508-SB, 6508-SB5, 6508-SC, 6508-SC5, 6508-SL, 6508-TB, 6508-TB5, 6508-TBV, 6508-TC, 6508-TC5, 6508-TL, 6508-TW, 6508-TW5, 6508S-SB, 6508S-SC, 6508S-TB, 6508S-TBV, 6508S-TC, 6508S-TCV, 6508S-TL, 6508S-TW

Common Features & Options

   Not Water Tight
  Available for the Mighty Mariner and 6525 Systems
   Illuminated Control Head
   Available in Black, Chrome, Bronze & White Finish

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