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7147 Full Power Follow-Up Steering Cylinder

The 7147 is a compact but powerful cylinder that can be configured to turn manual steering into power steering, by adding a full power follow-up valve and servo-cylinder onto the main cylinder. 

The 7147 is best used on boats that are 30' to 80' long (9.15m to 24.4m) long, where less turns in manual mode are desired. A source of hydraulic pressure is required to govern this cylinder, and it is capable of handling up to 8 gallons (36.3L) of fluid per minute at 1000 PSI (68.7 BAR). A key feature is redundancy, allowing for switching back to manual steering should the full power follow-up functionality fail.  

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   7147-B10, 7147-B12, 7147-B7.5, 7147-H10C, 7147-H12C, 7147-H12O, 7147-H7.5C, 7147-HAP, 7147-SAC, 7147-SAO, 7147-SCA10

Common Features & Options

   Not Available in Unbalanced Configuration
  Only Available in Balanced Version
   Made of Bronze & Stainless Steel

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