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7175: Analog Indicators

The 7175 Analog Indicator gauges provide reliable display of rudder angle position, rudder order command, or propeller pitch at your vessel’s control stations.

These small, 3-inch diameter, waterproof gauges include backlight for night and daytime operations. They are available in a Master or Slave configuration to suit your system's requirements. A reversed rudder angle indicator is available to align with aft facing stations. They can be configured with up to a total of six units in an operational loop.

The indicators are driven by a position transducer such as the Kobelt 7163, 7168, or 7174 Rudder Feedback Units (RFU).

Common Related Products

7163, 7168, 7174, 7178, 7180

Common Features & Options

   Requires Rudder Feedback Unit
  Standard Form Factor
  Designed for Durability and Reliability
  Robust Design and Construction
  Waterproof Face
  Multiple Configurations Available